Cemco manufactures mobile concrete batching and mixing equipment that is self-contained, self-erecting and modular.

Mobile Concrete Batch Plant

The Model 275 mobile concrete batch plant serves as the centerpiece of Cemco’s quality product line. The base plant is a fully operating batch plant, ready to run on delivery. The smallest plant Cemco manufactures is the model 275-2 D, which has 2 aggregate bins and a 58 ton cement silo. This single piece of equipment maintains maximum portability and a small footprint yet is fully capable of discharging concrete with a batch cycle time of 1:30.

Auxiliary Silo

The base plant can be expanded with up to two 75 ton auxiliary silos. Filled with fly ash or additional cement, it makes the total powder storage on the plant 208 tons. The silo is self-erecting via the concrete batch plant’s hydraulic power and the electric and pneumatic functions are also run from the plant.

Mobile Aggregate Feeder Belts

The Model 275 batch plant can also be configured with 2, 3 or 4 feeder conveyors (stackers). The Cemco feeder conveyors are 5th wheel enabled and add speed and convenience to the batching process. The feeder conveyors have 12 yard hoppers and almost double the total aggregate storage capacity for each material on the plant. The feeder conveyors can be charged continuously and are automatically triggered to re-fill the batch plant’s aggregate bins to pre-determined weights.

Central Mix

The Cemco central mix is a high-capacity mixer that is mated with the plant in a manner similar to a transit mixer backing underneath the plant’s discharge snoot. It is placed at ground level and when operated with the Cemco Model 275 mobile concrete batch plant, is a central mixing plant capable of handling the most demanding paving operations.

Computerized Batching Controls

Cemco offers Jonel Archer and Command Alkon computerized batching controls Systems. They are factory wired and configured to seamlessly operate all plant, silo, feeder conveyor and mixer functions.