Cemco Model 275 Batch Plant

The Cemco Model 275 mobile concrete batch plant allows contractors throughout the world to manage higher profits and higher production, all while transporting less equipment between job sites.


  • The Cemco Model 275 batch plant, available with 2, 3 or 4 aggregate bins, is totally self-contained. It needs no outside power source.
  • The Cemco 275 is self-erecting; eliminating the need for cranes, a substantial savings in set-up costs. Speed and ease of set-up and tear-down are a plus.
  • The entire plant is compact and has a small footprint when set-up. The 275 batch plant pulls in one unit and is sold as a complete, operating batch plant. Everything needed to set up and batch concrete is standard equipment on every Cemco Model 275.
  • CEMCO technicians operate and inspect the plant thoroughly before it is shipped to the customer. This assures receipt of a perfectly working plant when it arrives at the job site.
  • No outside power source other than a 10 amp 120VAC power source to run the control system
  • Not necessary to have a concrete or steel foundation
  • Cemco technician(s) will be on your site to help with initial setup and batching


  • Capable of producing up to 275 cubic yards per hour and towed as one complete unit by one truck. Two men can easily set the plant up and be ready to pour concrete in a matter of hours.
  • By placing the plant closer to the job site fewer transit mix trucks are used, saving fuel, labor and equipment costs.


  • Fully balanced John Deere® diesel engine powers a hydraulic power plant which operates all batch plant and auxiliary equipment functions.
  • All valve controls are 12V DC.
  • A dust collector on the cement weigh bin and on the cement storage silo are standard equipment.
  • High-level bindicator and silo vent are standard equipment.
  • An optional load-point dust collector is available. When ordered with the plant it is permanently attached and is operated via plant power.
  • Cemco Offers a Jonel Archer Comtrol system or the Command Alkon control systems as standard equipment on the plant. Installed, wired and configured at the factory.
  • 50 CFM air compressor and 2″ water pump are standard equipment.


  • The Cemco plant is leveled by four hydraulic jacks. The Silo on the plant erects hydraulically in less than 5 minutes. As the Silo erects it pulls the conveyor into the batching position.   The conveyor has 12′ of travel to support operations with varying truck heights.  The cement and water also simultaneously travel with the Silo and there is no additional work required to get them ready to batch.  Three turnbuckles tie down the bins and fold-away batch house. Hydraulic rams raise the cement storage silo into its vertical position. Two pins hold the tower in place. All wiring is permanently in place. Only the water discharge hose and cement discharge hose need to be connected.