Cemco Concrete Mixer

With the advent of the new Cemco Central Mix the concrete ready mix and paving business will never be the same.

Heavy steel construction, hydraulic power, few moving parts and low set-up costs allow contractors to make small jobs very profitable. The unique, patented and proven design of the Cemco central mix guarantee the end-user reduced maintenance expenses and long equipment life. As the market shifts from asphalt to concrete paving, the Cemco Central Mix gives you the equipment necessary to bid small and large jobs profitably.

As the only truly mobile mixer on the market, the patented design of the Cemco Central Mix offers the following benefits:

  • 10 yard output mixer that is completely self-contained in one integral unit, including power supply.
  • 350 horsepower diesel engine powering a hydraulic system that allows the mixer to raise itself, turn the drum, lift to discharge height, dump the mix and right itself as it lowers back to the charge position.
  • Powerful hydraulic mixer drive motors allow you to stop and restart a fully loaded drum with ease.
  • The mixer is placed underneath the batch plant just like a transit mixer and can be set-up in less than two hours, without cranes.
  • Manual control panel that has variable speed control for lifting, dumping and lowering the mixer as well as on/off, forward, reverse, mixer up, mixer down and mixer right controls.
  • Equipped with limit switches that locate the position of the drum which allows the computerized batching controls to fully automate the batching and mixing process.
  • Lined with 1″ of the highest quality polyurethane. The mixer drum is not suspended by traditional thrust rollers that allow the mixer freedom of unwanted movement in dump and charge positions. The mixer drum is, in essence, the shaft through a large sealed ball bearing. The bearing provides radial and thrust stability that is not possible with wheel rollers.
  • Static radial load rating in excess of 500,000 pounds and a static thrust rating in excess of 2,000,000 pounds. This unique design assures long life, low maintenance and long-term reliability. Additionally, the powerful hydraulic drive system easily handles the low slump mixes common in the paving industry.