Cemco 340

Cemco 340 Portable Paving Package

The Cemco 340 is rated at a maximum of 340 yards/hour. The Cemco 340 Paving Package consists of an upgraded Model 275 Batch Plant and a Model 240 Central Mixer. Both the Model 275 and the Model 240 are completely portable with leveling cylinders on all four corners of unit. The Model 275 Batch Plant has a 58 ton, self-erecting silo and the Model 240 has a self-erecting track. The Plant and the Mixer each has its own John Deere Diesel engine which supplies hydraulic and electrical power.

Cemco 340 Production

The Cemco 340 is rated at 340 cubic yards per hour. This rating is based upon a 1:05 cycle time with 10 yard loads. Since weigh up for a load can be completed during the discharge of a previous load, this time is not considered in the overall cycle time. Please note that the drum will not begin discharging for the first 25 seconds of trolley up and dump time. This means that the Model 340 has a mechanical minimum of 25 seconds mix time. Additional mix time may be added by keeping the mixer in the “home” position for a user defined time before beginning to trolley up the track.

Cemco 340 Minimum Cycle Times
Step Time (seconds)
Mixer Charge 37
Trolley Up and Fully Tilt 45
Dump Hold time* 8
Mixer Return Home time 15

*The Dump Hold time allows the mixer to fully empty before returning “home” and is factory set at 8 seconds. This time may be reduced if concrete is of a higher slump and dumps quickly.

  • Power – 350 HP Diesel Hydraulic
  • Capacity 12 Cu. Yd. Input, 10 Cu. Yd. Output
  • Suspension – 3 – 20,000# Axles
  • Mixer Driver – Dual Pinion – direct Hydraulic
  • Width – 13’4”
  • Travel Height – 14’4”
  • Length – 35’
  • Weight 66,000 lbs