Cemco’s Model 340 Portable Concrete Paving Package

Cemco’s Model 340 Portable Concrete Paving Package (http://cemcoinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Cemco_340_Portable_PavingPackage.pdf) aims to save concrete producers money in 2 big ways.

First, and most obvious, Cemco’s solution saves money every single time you need to do a setup or take down.  The plant, auxiliary silo, and central mixer are all self-erecting with the pull of a handle.  The whole setup with feeder conveyors and everything can be setup in ½ day with two men and some basic tools.  Everything is pre-wired and pre-plumbed, and all electrical and hydraulic connections are of the quick connect type and are clearly labeled.

Second, and more discrete, Cemco’s equipment saves money on the big maintenance.   Our Central Mix drum is essentially the shaft in a large ball bearing; therefore, there is not a track and rollers like every other mixer.  This means that the load is distributed around our drum instead of focused on the two drive points like other drums.  With a more even load distribution, we do not run into drum cracking problems.  We do not have severe maintenance requirements on our drum rotation system.  The user simply needs to grease the bearing periodically and change the oil on our motor gear boxes.

Cemco Power Units

With the rising cost of diesel and increased regulation on emissions, it makes it increasingly expensive to utilize new diesel power packs.  As such, Cemco offers a few different options for the primary drive system of the plant.  The standard is still a John Deere diesel engine, and we feel that the portability gained from having the diesel engine mounted right on the plant is still the most desirable scenario.  However, with more and more of our plants being utilized primarily as a stationary concrete batching plant, we also offer a 100HP electric motor drive in lieu of the diesel engine.  It comes with the starter panel factory pre-wired and simply needs to be plugged into 3-phase 440/480 Voltage.  For safety, we still utilize 12 VDC for nearly all functions and simply step the voltage down right at the electric motor.  Furthermore, in order to increase efficiency, we can provide a motor starter right at the batch house, so when the plant is going to sit for a few minutes, the operator can simply shut off the motor.  Since Cemco utilizes a load sensing hydraulic system, the pump (i.e. the electric motor) does not have to start under load.

If a customer wants the ability to switch between the diesel drive and the electric motor, we have designed a stand-alone diesel and electric power pack.  This means that your plant can be configured with either the electric motor or the diesel engine on your plant and the alternative power pack would be built onto a skid.  All hydraulic connections can be quickly connected from either source and the user simply needs to open or close a few ball valves depending on the drive source.  With two independent drive sources, it greatly reduces the chance for downtime.

Air Quality Improvements for Model 275

High air quality and adequate volumes are essential ingredients for a healthy concrete batch plant. Unlike most plants, which use pneumatic actuators for all butterfly valves and aggregate gates, Cemco’s unique design utilizes hydraulics to operate motors, butterfly valves, and aggregate gates.  However, the Cemco mobile concrete batch plant still utilizes air for vibrators, silo aeration, and dust collector pulse jets.  Proper aeration requires a high volume of air which has low moisture and a minimum particulate count.  In order to accomplish this, the Cemco concrete batch plant utilizes a 40 CFM air compressor which is driven by a hydraulic motor. This air compressor can provide for all plant, auxiliary silo, and feeder conveyor functions while still maintaining a large enough surplus to operate admix pumps with no problems. When switched on, the compressor functions on a common high pressure cutoff and low pressure start logic. Once compressed the air is filtered through an air dryer liquid separator in order to remove large contaminants and moisture from the compressed air.  Since the air temperature will drop considerably as it travels downstream, the Cemco batch plant uses another air dryer liquid separator to further filter and remove moisture prior to aeration. Proper aeration leads to quick weigh up times and a more productive batch plant. The Cemco batch plant can and has done a complete 10 yard weigh up of cement and flyash in 25-30 seconds. Since the batch plant can absolutely run faster than any truck could take the load, the real bottleneck becomes truck charge rate and keeping the aggregate bins full. With high production comes dirty dust collector filters which leads to less production or damage to equipment IF there is not adequate air volume in the pulse jets to properly clean the filters. The batch plant’s air system can both support the functions needed for high production and also support the functions needed to maintain the plant at those high production rates.

Our New System Option

Jonel Concrete Batching Systems

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Are you batching effectively?

Jonel’s Archer concrete batch control system gives you a performance edge by combining speed & accuracy, flexibility, and connectivity all in one system.

Jonel’s industry leading Archer concrete batching system is a blend of software and hardware based solutions tailored to meet the exact application your plant demands. For almost fifty years, our concrete batch controls have been driving the production demands of our customers the world over.


Archer introduces a powerful production “dashboard” reporting tool. Easily identify operating trends, drill down to determine root cause issues and chart key performance indicators.


Archer provides multiple user access to the same batch system at the same time, allowing information to be distributed and configuration to be maintained from anywhere, anytime.



Five areas to evaluate your batching control solution:

  • Speed & accuracy – Quicker cut-off response times are the result of our unique “dual processor” design. Jogging of fill gates is virtually eliminated, allowing your readymix plant to run at full speed. Our proprietary “Intelligent Free-Fall” system keeps track of each material fill and automatically adjusts for cut-off variations.
  • Flexibility – Every concrete batching system includes an integrated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that allows every aspect of your plant to be controlled, without adding relays and custom wiring. Custom batching equipment such as material distribution, water reclamation, and silo monitoring can be easily integrated into the concrete batch control system, saving you the expense of buying and maintaining separate systems.
  • Remote Batching – Using Jonel’s exclusive “Virtual Console” system, you can operate your plant over a network or by modem – perfect for satellite plants. With options for remote cameras and driver control consoles, a complete central batch operation can be achieved.
  • Connectivity – To help distribute information throughout your organization, the batch computer can be connected to almost any dispatch, ticketing, and operation management system. Eliminating redundant data entry enhances productivity and reduces loading errors.
  • Ease of use – Our Archer Batching Controls are extremely easy to learn and use. With simple single key-press operation, on-screen help, and color-coded status displays, anyone can learn to use the system in minutes.

Do you want to explore whether our concrete batch control systems can help your premixed concrete operation? Contact us and let’s find out!