Decumulative versus Accumulative Weighing

Just so everyone is on the same page, accumulative batchers start empty, then collect material from an
overhead storage until a target is met, and then are ready to batch.  A decumulative scale starts full and
batches out the target quantity.  Both systems can be extremely accurate; however an accumulative scale
must account for free fall material, which can be difficult if the batch size routinely changes.
That being said, another differentiating feature of Cemco concrete batch plants is our use of decumulative
aggregate batching.  In our decumulative aggregate batchers, each aggregate has its’ own weighed bin
which holds approximately 30,000 pounds.  The decumulative system allows for greater portability,
because there is no overhead storage which, given the size constraint, would have to be shipped separate
from the plant.  Furthermore, the decumulative system does not have to consider free fall material which
means the bins accuracy is independent of load size.  Finally, Cemco’s decumulative setup allows for each
aggregate to be flow controlled into the truck.  This means that the user can make sure to proportion the
batch into the truck greatly reducing necessary mixing time while also improving mix homogeneity and
quality.  This cannot be said for similar accumulative batchers or live bottom systems where the computer
cannot vary the speed of one aggregate relative to the other to ensure a particular flow distribution into the
trucks.  Since the plant accurately controls the flow of each separate material (including cement) the user
can truly maximize the truck’s charge capacity.  In total, Cemco’s system improves production and yields
a higher quality concrete product than conventional batch plants.


Cemco In West Canada

275 3bin Cemco Batch Plant in the Canada Rocky Mountains. The 275 Batch Plant, the most mobile batch plant on the market today, can be set up in the city or high up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Pictures were taken by DJ.

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Saving you money in 2 big ways.

The Model 340 Portable Concrete Paving Package saving you money in 2 big ways.

First, and most obvious, Cemco’s solution saves money every single time you need to do a setup or take down.  The plant, auxiliary silo, and central mixer are all self-erecting with the pull of a handle.  The whole setup with feeder conveyors and everything can be setup in ½ day with two men and some basic tools.  Everything is pre-wired and pre-plumbed, and all electrical and hydraulic connections are of the quick connect type and are clearly labeled.

Second, and more discrete, Cemco’s equipment saves money on the big maintenance.   Our Central Mix drum is essentially the shaft in a large ball bearing; therefore, there is not a track and rollers like every other mixer.  This means that the load is distributed around our drum instead of focused on the two drive points like other drums.  With a more even load distribution, we do not run into drum cracking problems.  We do not have severe maintenance requirements on our drum rotation system.  The user simply needs to grease the bearing periodically and change the oil on our motor gear boxes.

What People are saying about Cemco

Mike Lawson
Jonel Engineering

Over the fifty years we’ve done plant controls, we have experienced plenty of different plant styles and configurations. We have been very impressed with Cemco equipment from the aspect of their portability and their accuracy. In the last two years we have installed our equipment alongside their plants in extremely remote areas, which is a testament to the convenience of setup and ease of operation using a completely self contained, self erecting batch plant.

You’re literally going from zero production to batching 180 cu yards/hour in matter of hours. Their decumm style batching is tremendously accurate and fast. Above all they’re a tremendous family run operation and are a great bunch of people to work with.

If turnkey portability and consistent throughput is what you’re looking for, than look no further than Cemco.

Summers Concrete 340 Paving Package

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Summers portable on-site batch plant is a Cemco 340, which produces high quality, low slump concrete in excess of 300 cubic yards per hour. Its dust collection system is state of the art; easily meeting state and federal air quality requirements.

Summers Concrete Contracting, Inc. operates a modern equipment fleet with an equipment replacement value of 4.2 million dollars. Summers equipment is purchased and maintained to construct high quality durable concrete pavements “on-time”. The FAA and military specifications that they perform to are the most stringent in the construction industry.




Portable Electric Power Pack

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  1. 100hp electric motor, Weg TEFC high efficiency motor

2. 180cc hydraulic pump.

3. G.E. size 4  control panel, complete with all motor controls.

4. 440v transformer, for 110v or 220v power supply.

5. 12v dc power inverter, for plant power supply.

Designed to use valves and quick couplings to make changing from diesel power to

electric as simple as closing and opening a couple of valves.


Cemco 275 3D in Venezuela

[nggallery id=17] Cemco is proud to be sending plants to Venezuela.   Pictured is a custom 3D 275 designed and modified to fit under a low bridge. Cemco can customize our plants to fit our customer’s needs.