World’s Greatest Concrete Batch Plant

After months of searching and a great deal of study the directors of the World’s Greatest TV show chose Cemco Inc. as the Manufacture of the World’s Greatest Batch Plant.

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Why Is Cemco Inc. the Worlds Greatest Batch Plant Producers

  1.   Unique design allows the entire concrete batch plant to be moved as a single unit
  2.   Setup in under an hour.
  3.   Great resale value
  4.   Comes standard with a 58 ton cement silo that is self-erecting
  5.   Can be configured with 2,3 or 4 aggregate bins
  6.   All accessories are factory pre-installed
  7.   Solid steel construction ensures long life and robust structure for demanding operating conditions
  8.   A small footprint allows for maximum flexibility in tight quarters
  9.   John Deere diesel engine or optional electric motor powers all plant functions


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Ready Mix USA has purchased 9 Batch plants and 1 Central mix unit along with other auxiliary equipment from Cemco. We have had excellent customer service and a great working relationship during the last 10 years of equipment purchases. The customer service comes from the office personnel to every shop personnel at Cemco. We have worked closely with Mr. Perry, Larry Cobb, and Ronnie Cobb over the years. The ease of customer service and personal dedication is still very much active with Ronnie, DJ, and Justin. Cemco is an outstanding company and very easy to work with. If you are looking for great equipment that offers flexibility with high production rates, look no further than Cemco. Travis Owens, Ready Mix USA, LLC

I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate the help, Ronnie and your office manager Katherine have given me. Cemco has responded quickly and efficiently to my requests for parts and information. I previously purchased and set up a Cemco 220 3D on a site the size of a postage stamp in Washington D.C. and was very pleased with the performance and reliability of the plant. All to often help and performance goes unacknowledged and I want to you to know I recognize this.
Tom Bowling, Material Systems Inc.

Decumulative versus Accumulative Weighing

Just so everyone is on the same page, accumulative batchers start empty, then collect material from an
overhead storage until a target is met, and then are ready to batch.  A decumulative scale starts full and
batches out the target quantity.  Both systems can be extremely accurate; however an accumulative scale
must account for free fall material, which can be difficult if the batch size routinely changes.
That being said, another differentiating feature of Cemco concrete batch plants is our use of decumulative
aggregate batching.  In our decumulative aggregate batchers, each aggregate has its’ own weighed bin
which holds approximately 30,000 pounds.  The decumulative system allows for greater portability,
because there is no overhead storage which, given the size constraint, would have to be shipped separate
from the plant.  Furthermore, the decumulative system does not have to consider free fall material which
means the bins accuracy is independent of load size.  Finally, Cemco’s decumulative setup allows for each
aggregate to be flow controlled into the truck.  This means that the user can make sure to proportion the
batch into the truck greatly reducing necessary mixing time while also improving mix homogeneity and
quality.  This cannot be said for similar accumulative batchers or live bottom systems where the computer
cannot vary the speed of one aggregate relative to the other to ensure a particular flow distribution into the
trucks.  Since the plant accurately controls the flow of each separate material (including cement) the user
can truly maximize the truck’s charge capacity.  In total, Cemco’s system improves production and yields
a higher quality concrete product than conventional batch plants.