Air Quality Improvements for Model 275

High air quality and adequate volumes are essential ingredients for a healthy concrete batch plant. Unlike most plants, which use pneumatic actuators for all butterfly valves and aggregate gates, Cemco’s unique design utilizes hydraulics to operate motors, butterfly valves, and aggregate gates.  However, the Cemco mobile concrete batch plant still utilizes air for vibrators, silo aeration, and dust collector pulse jets.  Proper aeration requires a high volume of air which has low moisture and a minimum particulate count.  In order to accomplish this, the Cemco concrete batch plant utilizes a 40 CFM air compressor which is driven by a hydraulic motor. This air compressor can provide for all plant, auxiliary silo, and feeder conveyor functions while still maintaining a large enough surplus to operate admix pumps with no problems. When switched on, the compressor functions on a common high pressure cutoff and low pressure start logic. Once compressed the air is filtered through an air dryer liquid separator in order to remove large contaminants and moisture from the compressed air.  Since the air temperature will drop considerably as it travels downstream, the Cemco batch plant uses another air dryer liquid separator to further filter and remove moisture prior to aeration. Proper aeration leads to quick weigh up times and a more productive batch plant. The Cemco batch plant can and has done a complete 10 yard weigh up of cement and flyash in 25-30 seconds. Since the batch plant can absolutely run faster than any truck could take the load, the real bottleneck becomes truck charge rate and keeping the aggregate bins full. With high production comes dirty dust collector filters which leads to less production or damage to equipment IF there is not adequate air volume in the pulse jets to properly clean the filters. The batch plant’s air system can both support the functions needed for high production and also support the functions needed to maintain the plant at those high production rates.